Monday, June 8, 2009

relaxing in the park

When i told my boss about the doctor's orders i have to follow this summer he said, "I expect you will pursue relaxation with the same determination you bring to other tasks." sigh... am i really that predictable? Anyhoo, it rained here for days and days. I don't complain about rain cause it is better than drought, but rain does cut down some of your activity options. Sunday was the first day the sun really came out and it was my first Sunday off, so i went on a picnic. You know how much i love a good picnic. Can you believe how beautiful this day looks? It was warm, but not hot and so sunny, sunny, sunny. I went with my friend Justin who is moving to Kentucky in a few weeks. I packed up leftovers and drove to one of my favorite parks in Maryland, Black Hill Regional Park. We ate in the shade, got some sun by the lake and played word games. Besides my behind being 3 shades of soggy from all of the rain it was a truly relaxing afternoon. How relaxing? you ask. I believe this pic of Justin sums it up.

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