Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inaugurating the deck

Jason and Kate P recently added a deck onto the back of their house. Coming off of the breakfast nook, it is large enough for a table and chairs, the grill and a storage seat. Last night I went over for dinner and got to be the first visitor to enjoy on the deck. Hi! Here's our deck! It is the first time i've seen a deck made of a triple combination of materials : wood supports, plastic composite planks and metal railing inserts. It all worked together to create a rustic feel. Plus, i really liked the feel of the composite on my bare feet - no splinters for me. By far, my favorite part of the deck was the grill bump-out Clever, no? It was a lovely night to be outside and everyone seemed pleased with the new eating venue, except possibly Ophelia who stared through the screen door totally unamused at the separation. Thanks for dinner, congrats on the deck and i like my steak medium rare.

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