Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you for calling; My name is Niki

This is the last week of working the weekend/ having Monday and Tuesday off for me. I spent most of the day volunteering at WTMD answering phones for the Fund Drive. You might recall that i've done this on several occasions before, but it has been at least a year and half because of work. It was nice to see some people i recognized, but there were also a few changes. The coolest one is that they rig up a DJ station outside of the booth, right next to the volunteer phone bank so that we are right next to them as they broadcast. Having spent 3 years in college radio it was fascinating to watch. Today they also had three local Baltimore acts in to play live and you know how much i loves me some free, live music. First up was Cameron Blake who came with a cello, violin and keyboard. sigh... cello; it really is my favorite stringed instrument. Then there was a singer/songwriter named Paul Masson who had a beautiful voice; he wrote a love song about being away from Baltimore and how much he missed that city that is fabulous. (and he gave all the volunteers free CDS - thanks Paul) Finally, 2 members of June Star (who i saw open for Sarah Borges) played, showcasing some nice double guitar work. I am thinking about going back tomorrow after sleeping in and going to the Red Cross. It is Ticket Tuesday and i saw the list of show opportunities they have available for contributions. If you love music consider contributing and maybe even get some "free" tickets in the deal. Plus if you listen tomorrow you might hear me laughing away in the background or maybe you might even talk to me on the phone when you call.

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