Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tiki Leilani

Right at that moment between summer and fall Maryland has a few beautiful, perfect days where it is sunny and warm, but there is a hint of breeze that brushes away the humidity. On days like that you have to do some combination of have a picnic, read books outside, climb trees, wax poetic in your journal, go kayaking and sip rum. Guess which 3 i picked. I decided to take some homemade watermelon sorbet and douse it with Captain Morgan, making a Spicy Watermelon Daiquiri. Since i have been trying to use all of the glasses i've collected over the years i thought it was the perfect opportunity to bust out a Tiki Leilani. I found these in a crazy, over-crowded junk shop about 7 years ago run by a woman named Belle who was 78 years old, if she was a day. There were 4 of these heavy ceramic tumblers fashioned like a female Tiki in a cardboard box with some belts under a clothes rack next to some shoes. They weren't tagged so when i held one up and said to Belle How much for the glasses? she shrugged and replied How about a dollar a piece? SOLD! When i moved 3 years ago and got rid of 40% of my belongings the collections were all severely pared down. I was only allowed to keep 2 of any glass set. Most of the extras i gave to charity, but a few that i really loved went to homes; 2 Leilanis went to the Hollands in Texas. This is the first time i used one of mine and i must say the heaviness of the glass did a great job keeping that daiquiri cold. Plus look at this face... who couldn't love that?

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Saucy said...

Oooh, I've made watermelon sorbet before but never, ever did I think to douse it in rum. You might be my new hero.