Monday, September 14, 2009

Working weekends

I am off of work today (Monday) because i worked this weekend. For the month of September my museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, with no part-time staff. That means all of the full-time staff are Wed-Sun employees for three weeks. During that time we need to get our jobs done, plus help fill in the holes in the floor staff. There are people at work who bitch and complain about it, but i'd rather work a few Sundays than be unemployed. Plus it is an opportunity to learn about other programs and departments. For instance, on Saturday it was grey and a bit drizzley. As we walked to the cafe for some lunch i saw that we were still running Segways outside (you can buy a ride on a Segway - $7 for 10 minutes) and wondered aloud who in the world would be on a Segway in this weather. Looking closer i realized the answer was the President of the museum! Later in the afternoon i took the team upstairs to learn how to ride Segways and how to man the Segway desk. Luckily, new team member Sam has actually worked in the museum for 5 years in another program and has covered Segs before. I handed training over to her A Segway works because of a gyroscope in the base. If your weight is centered over the gyro you remain still, but if you shift your weight forward or back it tilts the gyro and you move. Mike was nearly busting to be first, happy to wear the helmet if it meant he could get on NOW. Sam was an excellent teacher both of how to ride a Segway and of how to handle guests I was really nervous about trying it. I'm not sure why, but i could imagine myself flying down the steps and into the Harbor. So being a good leader, i had the rest of the new team go first Thumbs up, Megan! Elise enjoyed it, but was a bit unsure of stopping. No more putting it off. I really believed i was going to make a fool of myself on Day Three of training, but i stepped onto the Seg and loved it I guess all the yoga has paid off, because it was super easy to control my balance. If i could ride a Segway all day i don't think it would get old. The only bad part is that we have a governor installed on the models at the museum so that you can't go faster than 4 mph. I know it is important for liability and visitor safety, but i wanted to race! After everyone had a chance to ride a few times, practice getting on and off by yourself and help others on and off of the Segs, we got ready to go inside. Then team member Amy showed up (she'd been covering the floor for Public Programs and then at lunch) so i got a chance to do the full spiel and train someone how to ride Did i mention that we were getting paid during this time? That it was actual training for our jobs? Some days i really love my life. And how did the team feel about it?

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