Friday, September 25, 2009

A post you think is about scones, but really isn't

I got home from the gym at 11pm to find that the banana i was waiting to ripen to make pancakes had passed ripe on its way to mushy madness. I knew it wouldn't make it another day and had to be used immediately. Wouldn't it be lovely to mix up some banana scones? i thought to myself.
There are several things wrong with that thought:
1. i don't always like scones
2. who talks like that?
3. i don't think banana is a traditional scone flavor
4. i don't have any clotted cream
5. aren't you supposed to serve scones with clotted cream?
6. What the heck IS clotted cream?
7. why would you eat any food with the word clotted in it?
7. i don't have a scone recipe
None the less, i was not to be deterred. I figured scones are a bit like sweet biscuits so i could adapt a biscuit recipe, a banana bread recipe and a cookie recipe to get what i needed.
Hope springs eternal.
Anyhoo i grabbed the Bisquick, made some calculations, created an interesting batter/dough and got 8 banana baked goods of some type in the oven. It was then that i noticed the top of the bisquick box said For freshness, refrigerate after opening.
I've never noticed that before.
Of course, in my house the box never stayed around for long because we kept all baking goods in Tupperware.
 My mom never refrigerated it.
My grandma never refrigerated it.
Should i be refrigerating it?
I paced around for a bit and then put the box in the fridge.
Then i considered how the Bisquick being cold would change baking times so i took it out of the fridge.
But it does have fat incorporated into it; perhaps it can go bad - back into the fridge with it.
But how could my grandma be wrong? She was the best cook who ever lived - back out of the fridge.
By the time the banana cakes were done i had spiralled myself into a frenzy. I spent more time worrying about what to do with the dang box than i had on rewriting the recipe that used the box.
 The baked creation was tasty and a consistency that did not resemble scones, biscuits, cookies or cakes. I can't really describe it, but i enjoyed eating them.
In the end, i left the Bisquick out of the fridge.
What do you think?


Erin said...

We never refrigerate bisquick...if that helps

Kaaren said...

We never do either.

Lovely Wife George said...

Not only do we not keep our Bisquick in the fridge, when bananas are about to take a turn for the inedible, I throw them in the freezer to buy me some baking time. ;)

Niki said...

ohhhh, that's a good idea, George.

Lovely Wife George said...

We've got I think eight bananas waiting in the freezer at the moment. When I get to baking, it's going to be epic.