Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belated Birthday pics

I am now 39 years and 1 week old. Normally i am all over sharing my birthday celebrations, which can last up to a very tasteful 3-4 weeks, but life around here has been a bit hectic of late, pushing celebrations to the background. However, i have caught some free time between crisises (crises? hmmm...) to share the awesome things my team did to mark the High Holy day of the Nikiverse. That is the entrance to my desk. I love that you can just see the pink streamer and shark from last year's festivities (i really saw no reason to take them down) and that this year's purple streamers and glittery, cupcake banner were just hung right over them. TM Lindsey was in charge of decorations and she didn't hold back. That is even more confetti than I would have used. Brilliant. Everything got crepe papered, even Desmond, the monitor frog. Though i wasn't streamered myself, there was a matching, purple glitter sash for me to wear. Right in the middle of the chaos, TM Megan put my present a vinyl record bowl that she made. LOVE IT! The cake was fabulous. It was a chocolate, chocolate-chip bundt cake made and decorated by TM Sam to look like an animal cracker circus. TM Amy added glitter star candles to complete the fabulousity. I forgot to take a picture of the card, but TM Elise managed to find a matching glittery, pink, animals-parading-on-a-cake card for everyone to sign. I had several visitors to the celebration cubicle, including 2 former team members (Karen and Wendy) who came bearing jewelry. Thanks to the team and to everyone else who has helped me celebrate my natal day.

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