Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why people, why?

This is the top of a cookbook i checked out of the library. Do you see all of those folded-down dog eared pages? There are over ten of them: we are talking double digits here, people. These are not accidental page folds, but crisp, precise diagonal page folds that someone did on purpose to mark recipes s/he wanted to try. I personally never fold book pages because i hate dog ears, but i don't care what you do to your own books in your own home.
This, however, is a LIBRARY book.
It does not belong to you, mystery-page-folding-person.
You were borrowing it.
Other people are going to use it after you.
You have damaged private property.
You didn't even have the courtesy to flatten the pages back down before you returned it.
What is wrong with you that you are so self-centered, self-involved that not only do you think it is okay to alter a library book, but it doesn't even occur to you that you should try to cover your tracks.
Stop being a selfish moron!

phew... i feel better; sorry you had to witness that fit, friends


Rea said...

But did they at least choose GOOD recipes to dog-ear? Or nasty rutabaga recipes?

Douglas said...

What's wrong with these people?! I learned that you DON'T DON'T DON'T do that in like, SECOND grade!

Douglas said...
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