Monday, May 3, 2010

science fair

I heart science fair season. Really, i do. You know that my favorite thing at this one science fair we go to every year are the trash robot models. Unbelievably there were NO trash robots this year. sigh... BUT, there was this giant styrofoam ant which totally made up for it. Check out those mandibles! I also saw one of the greatest projects, ever. It was about comparative weights and using percentages, which sounds really uninteresting, but the author used herself as the object. I now know that this student weights the same as 72,800 Q-Tips. Good to know There is always something that makes me smile while strolling the project lanes, like this background board that was not only well laid out and informative, but included the imperative piece of information that this student does indeed love science. It is an empirical fact - the board says so.


Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time til the styrofoam ants come to life and attack, like an ozone-layer-depleting remake of "Them!"


Niki said...

I, for one, would welcome my crafty overlords.