Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tracking the wild Niki

I mentioned before that Oregon was my 33rd state visited in the US, not counting airport states.
I am determined to make it to all 50.
I chart my progress on this wooden puzzle map
that hangs in my studio, over scrapbook binders, next to paper racks and under the fabric stash. The extra pieces are hanging in that bag underneath. Though it was 3 weeks ago, i just got around to gluing in the new piece last night. Hi there, Oregon! Once it was glued, i changed the state count on the bottom. Every time i add a state i like arrange the missing states to re-focus my internal adventure planning to gather more states. [also, i try to do it without looking at the map itself to re-check my geography skills] What happened, Mississippi? You are hanging out there all by your lonesome. All the other places i have yet to explore are connected to each other, except you. (and the 2 that aren't contiguous - anyone want to take me to Hawaii?) Anybody know a good reason -or any reason- to go to Mississippi? Otherwise, it looks like i need a roadtrip through the center of the country.


Mark said...

Oi, come take a vacation with us, we'll take you up to Milwaukee, bum around a bit, and have something to eat at the Safe House.

Alternately, if we plan ahead, we could take a big family trip and go to the House on the Rock.

Both of which are memorable ways to commemorate visiting Wisconsin.

Rea said...

I can only offer...Marengo, OH. Oh, yes it is a real place!