Monday, May 31, 2010

did we just drop acid?

I am visiting the lovely Colleen, Esq in Virginia and this evening we were perusing the movies OnDemand when my eye caught Repo! The Genetic Opera.
With a title like that it demanded a closer look.
The actors listed under the title were Anthony Head and Paris Hilton.
Giles and Paris Hilton? How is that possible? What could that look like? Colleen was laughing so hard that we just had to order it. Instead of special 3D glasses, i feel like the movie came with complimentary LSD for that very special hallucino-vision.
It was... was... i can't even describe it. Stylized. Moody. Partially animated. Lots of gasmasks. A drug-pushing, pimp graverobber.
Paris Hilton - singing.
The girl from Spy Kids - bald and singing.
Paul Sorvino - singing in a wig.
Giles slashing people open and singing.
Is that Sarah Brightman? How did Sarah Brightman end up here? I'm not sure Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton should even be allowed in the same restaurant together, much less the same movie.
Wait, did Joan Jett just make an appearance?
Did i mention the plot is about repossessing internal organs after an apocalypse?
And like all operas, it does not end happily. But you might have guessed that.
We both figured that we would watch a little and laugh and then move on to something else, but we watched the whole thing. We had to see it through. It was compelling in its lunacy. I felt like i couldn't look away. The actors that could sing could really, really sing well and those that couldn't were like a train wreck. By the end i just had to see if anyone survived. And if Paris Hilton managed to keep her clothes on to the end. (luckily, she does; however, her face does peel off. really)
I honestly don't know if i am recommending this movie or not.
I need some Doritos.
And maybe a shower.
And maybe a therapy session or 12.


Kaaren said...

LOL, I watched that just because Tony Head was in it. Acid trip just about sums it up.

Mark said...

It was all over the internets a while ago. I enjoyed it for Tony Head and some of the imagery (and the Pavi character made me laugh), but mostly it was an acid trip, like you said.

Douglas said...

And there's a remake, too.

Brenda*Nery said...

I loved it. My son made me watch it. But I love crazy wacky stuff!