Saturday, August 7, 2010

afgan buffet

On TM Megan's last day on the team we were doing shows in Northern Virginia so TM Sam brought the Best of Cheap Eats edition of the Washingtonian magazine for us to pick a fun new place for lunch. We ended up choosing an Afghan grill as none of the three of us had eaten Afghan cuisine before, it was on the way, there was a lunch buffet and the article describes the decor as palatial. Maizbon in Alexandria, VA totally lived up to the hype. I was enchanted before we even went inside, by the traditional instruments and a hookah almost as tall as me in the windows. Look at this place: Really pictures don't do justice to the rich colors, incredible light fixtures, mirrored pillow and non-stop jewels. Did you spot the mannequins in traditional dress waaaay in the back? How about the jeweled containers glued to the ceiling? The chandelier that i wanted to for my dining room? I kinda wanted to live here. It is total sensory overload, just like i like it. I mean for goodness' sakes each table had been inlaid with jewels. Besides the main dining room and the large group room (both pictured above) there was a pillow covered banquette wall with small tables where we sat and individual booths. Yes, the entire table edge is decorated with tobacco boxes and the light brazier is hanging from stacked tambourines. A lot of the decor came directly from the owner's relatives in Afghanistan. I was enchanted. The lunch buffet was in a room that was decorated like a cave, complete with a life-sized horse statue: But this place isn't only about atmosphere. The food was delicious, plentiful and cheap. I couldn't decide if the curry chicken, the eggplant or the risotto with meatballs was my favorite. The flat bread was terrific. All three of us were astonished that each dish was better than the last. If you find yourself anywhere in the vicinity of Alexandria, VA it would behoove you to give Maizbon a try. There is a full menu and the lunch buffet is $10. I want to go back sometime with a larger group so that i can eat in the gold palacey room under the chandelier. [and i just realized while picking labels that trying Afghan food counts as another new thing]

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