Tuesday, August 3, 2010

chopity chop

You will notice if you glance through the archives here -or if you've known me for longer than 2 years- that i handle huge life changes and various degrees of stress by cutting me hair. The disastrous pre-Christmas layers with side fringe had thankfully almost grown out, so i prepared for my grandma's funeral by chopping about 7 inches off of my hair and cutting heavy bangs back into the front: why do i look like such a dork when i take pictures of myself? It will be harder to do braids and whimsy hair with the shorter do, but it makes my ponytail a lot shorter and lighter. I forget how heavy all of that hair is until i cut it off. These pictures were taken just a few days ago after i got back from Ohio and decided to do a red rinse on my hair. I like it, but it isn't nearly red enough. I am contemplating going back to copper as it has been 10 years since my hair was that light. We'll see.

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Douglas said...

Cutting "me" hair? Is it Pirate Day already?