Thursday, August 12, 2010

Open letter to my #1 Fan

Dear Olga - I am sorry that there haven't been as many updates here as promised while i have keys to a house with internet. I know we both thought you'd have hours of reading material during the third shift. I had good intentions, really i did. It is just that the house with AC and internet also has a few other things, like a ginormous tv and cable and Wii. I have played so much Wii Boxing and Wii Swordplay (on Wii Resort) every single night that i can barely lift my arms above my head. My mii (who looks just like me) is about to become a professional at both things and i just can't deny her dreams. Yes, it makes me sweaty and makes my triceps ache, but she's soooooo close to crossing the 1000 point line. Did i mention the cable? I have been swooning over Food Network all week and am delighted to find that they have another channel all about cooking. I watch, i learn, i absorb, i dream and then i go home to the itsy, bitsy little kitchen in my apartment and i sigh. Plus, last night, on my way to the Blogger Dashboard i stumbled on something called Sporcle. I'm sure it has been around forever, but you know how far i am from the center of the universe. It is full of trivia quizzes and you know who loves trivia quizzes, right? I got sucked in on some literature things -gosh i love books- and time stood still. When i realized it was 12:45am i started to go back to Blogger, but a tab marked MUSIC made itself known and you know that i love music even more than i love books. Name bands, name singers, identify songs by music clips: all with a countdown clock. [you'll be delighted to know that i can type 9 of Duran Duran's 12 albums in 38 seconds, btw] At 2:30am it occurred to me that i had to get up for work in 4 hours and i wasn't even in my own house yet. Know that i haven't forgotten you and i still love you. After all, you are my #1 fan, Olga. Keep the faith and there might be pictures of chickens in your somewhat near future (once i figure out how to spell the lead singer of Dire Strait's name: knopler, knofler, knopfler, knofler...) Much love and high regards, Niki

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Rea said...

LOL...on the otherhand...Phonemate and I are getting very close. Love, Olga