Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Perfume Counter

The theater club at CCBC is called Barnstormers and they had a playwriting contest to determine their autumn production. Michelle, a former co-worker at the antique store, won the contest. A few weeks ago I was in Objects Found, chatting away and Michelle was telling me all about how her play was going to be performed and how it was almost completely cast and how excited she was, except that there was one small, but significant role that she couldn't find anyone for... at which point she stopped in mid-sentence and started to stare at me with narrowed eyes. You act, right? she said. Not really. I mean, i perform, but i don't really act... i stammered. But you can act, right? And you're comfortable on stage? This role needs someone who can be loud and over the top. I'm looking at you and i can't believe i didn't see it before. Would you be willing to audition? Wellllllll... I have never been in a play. I've done some workshopping and took theater both in high school and college, but i've never done an actual production. I have never even really been interested in being in a play, but i agreed to audition because i never have before. It's a new thing after all. Anyhoo, i auditioned (i'm not sure if it is considered an audition if i'm the only one who read for the role) and got the part, so now i'm in a play. I never imagined that i'd be in a play. My job is so unpredictable. But rehearsals are going to be during this down town between summer and school programming. It is only a small role with about 20 lines so it's not like if i suck the entire play is ruined. The Perfume Counter is a short one act about a disenfranchised young perfume girl who feels out of place in her life. I play a flamboyant old woman who makes her day go from bad to worse. It is kinda screwball and should be fun. I just had my first rehearsal and was happy that i held my own, but am still pretty scared. After all, i am a director, not an actor. Plus, i don't normally memorize lines; i am an improvisationalist. I am super nervous that i will just say what comes to mind instead of what is on the page. Of course, the point of doing new things is to stretch myself and leave my warm, fuzzy comfort zone. Let me tell you, i'm pretty frickin' far outside my comfort zone, people. Performances are the last full week of September, tentatively Thursday and Saturday at 8pm. More info will follow, if i survive the rehearsal process.


Rea said...

Good for you. Break a leg!

Melanie said...

Awesome!! You can do it!