Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Strange post title, huh? You'll understand soon.
My friend from college, Bruce, is currently doing battle with melanoma.
And it is a battle; melanoma has one of the lowest recovery rates and the treatments are often as brutal as the disease itself.
But in true Bruce-style he is using humor as both a shield and a weapon. He has named his cancer Humperdink and relates every step of his treatment to The Princess Bride or another pop culture reference.
He is the youngest person trying a radical, experiemental therapy.
He is not going quietly into the night.
Which is exactly what i would expect from him.
I had decided a few weeks ago that this month's Charity of the Month was going to be something having to do with Bruce, but i couldn't decide between a national foundation or his specific treatment facility or Caring Bridge, where he maintains his journal. But then he made the decision for me by posting a zazzle link to buy various wares emblazened with Bruce's FIGHT logo:

This is a different sort of CoM for me. It's not really a charity per se, but I feel like money going directly to help with his family's bills right now is the right answer. As always, there is a link in the sidebar if anyone feels compelled to explore his store, which is called Cancerpalooza.
And if you'd like to read more about Bruce, his battle or his experimental treatment, it can be found here.
Fight on, Johara Trebb, fight on!

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Michelle-Lemon Meringue said...

What a cool poster! You and your good deeds... keep 'em comin'!