Thursday, September 15, 2011

jalapeno help

TM Chris brought in a bunch of extra peppers that he had harvested from his garden and i couldn't resist taking a few jalapenos:

aren't they adorable?
The problem is that i have never cooked with fresh jalapenos before. I'm not sure i've ever even had fresh jalapenos in my house before.
Soooooooo, what should i do with these, people?


Brenda*Nery said...

Never Too Busy said...

Eat. Them. Raw. Actually don't. One of my worst recurring nightmares is eating peppers :-(

Manta said...

Jalapeno jam. Make it! You can glaze it over chicken and use it for grilling. It's SO good! Not even that hot, its like a hot and sweet flavor. Or poppers are fun, and can be frozen easily.

Erin said...

Some of my friends make deep-fried bacon wrapped tator tots, with jalapenos...yep, just reading that puts 10 pounds on you!