Saturday, September 3, 2011

mmmm... mental morsels

The other day i was speaking to my beloved BFF about canning. No, there is absolutely no chance that I am going to do any canning, she was telling me about the tomatoes she was putting up as we spoke. At some point she said something about a peck and i was like, Wait; a peck is a real measurement? I thought it was just in the Peter Piper rhyme or maybe an old tyme measurement that we don't use anymore, like cubits.
No, people; it is real. Rea informed me that there are about 4 pecks in a bushel. Really.
I love to learn.
Dontcha just love to learn?
It makes my brain get all tingly as new neural pathways are forged. I think that one of the reasons babies laugh and gurgle so much is because of all the neurons shooting around their noggins.
All the time we come in contact with new pieces of information.
I remember the day i found out that frippery is a real word and not one i made up in my head. Who knew?
Or the time i saw Chichen Itza mentioned in a book. I thought it was a made-up place because i was under the impression that the Mayan ruins in Mexico were called Chixanitza. I'd only ever heard it spoken, never written and it took about 3 pages of the book for me to realize that the place i knew about was the place the author was talking about.
I have little scraps of paper all over my house, tucked in books and in my bags with words or phrases scrawled out for me to look up later.
Right this second there is a bank stub in my purse with the word susurrus written on it. I have no idea what it means, but i like the look of it and i was shocked when my eyes ran across it in a Jim Butcher short story last week.
Some people don't like to admit that they don't know things, but i relish learning.
In fact, i've decided to read the encyclopedia.
My upstairs neighbor recently moved out and she had a Funk and Wagnalls that she was getting rid of, so i grabbed it. I'm not going to set any time frame or make it another goal, i'm just gonna open books at random and peruse.
Then I'll share little mental morsels that i discover with you, cause we can all use a good brain tingle now and again, dotcha think?

BTW - susurrus apparently means a whisper or soft rustling sound;
say it out loud; it is almost onomatopoeia


Mark said...

Susurrus is the kind of swishy, whispery sound you get with wind through leaves or tall grasses, if I recall correctly. :) Human Lexicon, at your service.

Rea said...

4 pecks make a bushel...3 bushels make a barrel. A barrel is a whole bunch of corn (and you thought I was going to say monkeys didn't don't care for monkeys!)

Anonymous said...

YOU, girlfriend, are such a cornecopia (did i spell that right?) full of information! I always seem to learn something from you....and Rea - what's wrong with monkeys? They're so darn cute! well, except when they throw icky nasty stuff at you...LOL. Luv U Girls! Sheryl

Never Too Busy said...

Reading encyclopedia is totally underrated. I did it when I was younger (i wasn't forced too, but we didn't have internet, so take that as you may) and it is probably the reason I am so interested with the world right now. More power to ya!