Friday, September 16, 2011

Twart Hog sighting


The water main broke at work yesterday so we are closed on Monday which would be awesone except that the new show premieres on Wednesday, so Monday was all day blocking and rehearsal.
The blinking LED smiley face base was all ready to start the polying process until acetone accidently dripped on it.
I found out that the largest circle bit for our drill press in 2 and an eighth, but i need 3 inch routed circles on a prop.
Running up and down the steps between my lab and the wood shop i popped the knee i have been babying since i cracked it during the Poultry-geist attack.
The fresnel light we were going to use for one experiment overheated and cracked the lamp housing, rendering it useless.
We are almost ready to do a table set-up, but there are no spaces available and my yearly employee evaluation is in an hour.

I know that right before a premiere things are supposed to go wonky so that the actual performance is smooth, but really, people, REALLY?
Send me some good vibes today, please, before i inadvertently electrocute myself during training tomorrow. (oh, did i mention that i'm already working tomorrow for public programs?)


Erin said...

and then I called and made it all better ;)

Anonymous said...

At least you're not having to break in a poorly designed show that was created by outsiders... which you had no choice but to use because the idiotic leader of said outsiders in on your museum's board of directors.

Just sayin.


Melanie said...

Good vibes...good vibes...good vibes... :)