Friday, February 10, 2012

don't sneak up on me like that!

Now that the jewelry show is done i can back to doing things like laundry and posting on my blog.
All of the headway i made in December on shortening the queue was blown in January; i mean i haven't even done New Year's Eve yet.
In an effort to be productive this weekend i am sorting picture folders on my camera, computer and thumbs and all of a sudden i am confronted with this:

I thought i had deleted every version of that heinous, creepy, nightmare-inducing photo.
What is going on with that middle girl?
What happened to her EYES?
Crap, i am never going to be able to sleep tonite.
So, of course, i thought i'd share.
You're welcome.


Snarky Lady said...

Thanks for the nightmare fuel...

Niki said...

I live to serve.