Monday, February 20, 2012

why i love my job, part947

Since it is a school holiday, I'm in the museum today.
Last week the director of education bought a small digital synthesizing oscillator and i decided to take it out on the floor to play with teach kids about sound.
That is cool.
Then he brought over a multi-key analog oscillator so that i could play with teach kids about the difference between analog and digital.
That is even cooler.
I had everything set up on a cart with speakers and an amp, but needed an extension cord. While searching in the back, back, back of storage, guess what i found.

Go on... guess...

What could possibly make my explainer about sound even better?

Did you say a big honking drum?
Cause that's what i found in the back, back, back of storage.

A double-head, shoulder-slung drum that MATCHES MY UNIFORM!
So today i got paid to go play with teach families about different ways to make sound: physically, electronically and digitally. We were jamming. At one point a 2 year old was banging the drum from his stroller and smiling maniacally like a rock star.
Plus, now i have a drum by my desk.

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Anonymous said...

Cue The Stone Roses, "She Bangs the Drums"