Monday, February 27, 2012

there's a frog in the kitchen

I was getting myself some breakfast when i noticed a frog hanging between the Venetian blinds and the glass over the sink.
It was posed so perfectly in mid-climb, with each foot on a different slat so that you could see its whole body stretched out that i thought it was one of those resin ones you can buy to put on your flower pots.

It wasn't.
Dad and I worked to get him into a container

and then i took him over to the woods by the lake since i wasn't sure if he'd prefer land or water.
As soon as i put him down in the grass he just froze, hyperventilating a bit to collect himself after the ordeal.
Pretty quickly, though, he recovered and went about his froggy way.


sassy said...

you were so sweet to the little frog! cute story! Hope you enjoyed relaxing after your good deed for the day!
BTW, the bxxr means beer!
Have a Hoppy Day!

Homestead Bound said...

So cute! I wonder how he got in.

Anonymous said...

bear left, frog right