Sunday, April 22, 2012

charity: water

Sooooooooo, there is only a week left in April so i figured i'd better find a charity for this month.
Through various social media I became aware that fans of 30 Seconds to Mars are donating to charity: water to dig a well in the band's name.
How crazy is that?
One thing that i love, love about living right now is that there are opportunities for global community that simply didn't exist before.
Trust me, if i could have done some cool charity thing in the 80's in the name of Duran Duran, my little 14 year old self would have been all over it.
It just seems cool to me that people that don't know each other and will never meet can bond over what kind of music they enjoy and then do something with that community that isn't even music related.
After checking to make sure that this is indeed a real and reputable charity, i've decided to make charity: water the Nikiverse Charity of the Month for April. And what the heck, i'll even go through the 30 Seconds to Mars campaign cause it makes me smile.

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