Wednesday, April 4, 2012

feeling punk

No, i don't mean that you have spiky green hair and safety pins through your ears. Feeling punk is how i refer to those days when you just feel off: you're some combination of achy, cranky, tired, confused, stuffy, hungry, whiny, lost and/or sniffly.
I am definately feeling punk today.
It must really show cause a coworker sent me a link to 13 Simple Step To Get Through a Rough Day.
He made me feel better so i wanted to share it with you. Be warned, Step 13 almost killed me with the cute.
I'm going home and taking a nap.
Tomorrow will be better cause i am going to see my BFF and my mommy.


Debbie said...

I really enjoyed that link! Hope all your "punk" goes away soon.

Douglas said...

If between that and the thought of seeing your mommy you weren't un-punked, I'd suggest you put some serious thought into investing in high dose pharmaceuticals....

Anonymous said...

I particularly liked #6 + 7. But remember: no cat minds being in the Box of Shame, because 1) They have no shame, and 2) All is good when you're in a box.