Wednesday, April 11, 2012

we don't need no stinkin' baskets

I spent the long holiday weekend at my mom's in Ohio.
It was long periods of doing nothing interspersed with hours of reading followed by stretches of sudoku; so basically, heaven.
I watched TV, caught up on my sleep and vegetated.
It was lovely.
There was a potluck dinner in my mom's building on Thursday with a fashion show afterwards; the first half was straight up fashion and the second half was comedy.

Of course, my mom was a model.

It was nice to meet some of her new friends and the fashion show was hilarious, but the best part was spending time with Mom and my sister, Kris:

One afternoon was dedicated to hanging out with my BFF; we did some shopping, looked at all of the baby animals on the farm and she made her famous Rickki Chimis for lunch.

It is the first time i've had her version of her favorite food- chicken chimichangas - and they were delish.
She crockpotted the chicken for dinner the day before, shredded the leftovers to mix with chilies and spices for the filling and then baked them with some chicken broth and cooking spray so that they crisped up like they'd been fried.

Saturday, Mom and I dyed eggs {she said, we're going to boil two dozen because i always want to decorate more then we have} and then on Sunday we set up our Easter bowls.
No baskets made the move and i suggested that instead of buying baskets, we'd just use matching glass bowls. With some easter grass, they were perfect.
As in years past, the goal was to only spend $10.
You can see that we both rose to the challenge - Mom's bowl for me is on the left and hers from me is on the right - managing to stuff as much as possible in and around the bowls.

It was a super fun, relaxing weekend.
And in case you ever wonder how well my mom and I know each other,
this year we managed to buy each other matching chocolate bunnies.


Melanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Your mom looks great -- did you make those earrings she's wearing?

Niki said...

Thanks; she does look good, doesn't she?
I did not make those earrings, but we were all laughing because they look exactly like earrings i would design!