Sunday, April 22, 2012

did i mention the Vikings?

March was a doozy of a month around here and April frankly hasn't been much easier.
TGVIM! (Thank God Vacation's Inna Month)
Anyhoo, going through pictures in a vain, nearly ludicous attempt to be completely caught up on the blog by my birthday (19 more shopping days, people) i realized that i never posted about the Vikings in Florida.
For shame, Niki, for shame.
You might recall that last year i visited my dad when there was a parade in the park by happenstance; this year i did it on purpose.
The weekend's theme was the Funny Papers.
There were games and hot dogs and a dance and, of course, a parade:
color guard
drum line

I really do love a good parade and enjoy how different clubs interpret the theme.
But, of course, nobody does it better than the Mid-Atlantic Club.
Yes, i acknowledge my prejudice cause i live in the Mid-Atlantic and my dad is the current president of that club, but people, just look at their cool take on Hagar the Horrible.
 Why yes,
that is a Viking dragon longboat built on top of a golfcart, complete with a fully rigged sail.
Thanks for noticing.

Kvack and Snert are ready to ride in the parade.

Now that's a bang of rowdies if i've ever seen one
dad's dragon boat
Shirley as Honi and Dad as a warrior
This incredible take on Lucky Eddie (complete with nose prosthetic) won Individual First Place.
 The amazing detail and effort the club put into their entry earned them First Place.
I think i might have to try to visit Dad on Resident's Appreciation Weekend every year.


Anonymous said...

They sure look like they know how to have a good time!!!

Douglas said...

Did a clown give you a ring?

Rea said...

There's the JUTE!!