Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Last week fTM Felicia and I got together for lunch. She suggested a Korean chicken place called Bonchon on Rt 40 in Ellicott City. It is part of a chain- five countries in Asia, five states on the East Coast and randomly one store in California- but I've never been there. After a hilarious adventure of trying to find the place -she had said a Korean chicken place by the Crab Shanty and I knew exactly the building she meant so she never mentioned the name of it, except that there are actually four Koran restaurants within sight of the Crab Shanty - it was time to eat.
They are famous for their fried chicken, but Felicia said she was going to get something called bibimbob because she'd had it there before and really liked it.
There is a dish called bibimbob?
Obviously I was going to order that regardless of what it was.
I did however check the description to make sure there were no green peppers:

After verifying that the red pepper paste was hot red peppers and not sweet red peppers I was ready to give it a try.

Felicia ordered hers with seafood.
I wasn't sure if I wanted the bulgogi (beef) or tofu so I asked our server who said Get the beef before the words were completely out of my mouth (he says that the tofu makes everything too dry as it sucks up all of the sauce; don't order it).
The red pepper sauce is served on the side so that you can put on the amount that you want and then you stir, stir, stir everything up. The pot is really hot so there is some crunchy rice on the bottom; you really want to make sure you get that yumminess scraped off and mixed in.
To say that it was delicious doesn't even begin to cover it. I still have no idea what the bright yellow veggie was, but I highly recommend it.
Plus, it is fun to say!
I suppose that at some point I should try their chicken, but i'm not sure I could ever go there and not order the bibimbob.

Mental Morsel: Bibim means mixed in Korean and bob means rice so the name of the dish describes how you are supposed to eat it. Interestingly, there are an equal number of recipes on line for bibimbob and bibimbap, which appear to be the exact same thing. I don't know if bob and bap both mean rice, are from different dialects of Korean or is just accepted confusion of trying to spell a word in English that is not English. (though frankly they don't sound alike)
Okay, Scopi: do you have opinion of this?

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