Thursday, August 15, 2013

the perils of marketing

Sometimes when you work on any project for too long you really can't see it anymore; that's why editors and proofreaders have jobs. But sometimes even the professionals only see what they expect to be there.
Case in point:
Over the weekend I accomplished some important things on my list so I treated myself to some KFC cause nothing says You really hit it out of the park today quite like sodium-rich, deep fried poultry (and no, I didn't get mac-n-cheese or a biscuit).
I feel like they must have redone some of their packaging since the last time I indulged because the white branding over the monotone lettering seemed unfamiliar.
As I was cleaning up the trash I picked up the box and recoiled as my eyes saw this:
I realize that it says Colonel but with the placement and capitalization how is it possible that NONE of the people who created or proofed this design didn't notice the giant COLON?
Now I can't unsee it and frankly I don't really want to be thinking about anatomy while I am eating my chicken; I have a hard enough time trying not to name the muscle groups as i'm chewing them.
And of all the anatomical parts to be thinking about... face it, we only really associate the colon with polyps and poop, neither of which I want to be imagining with my coleslaw.
Somebody at Yum! Brands needs lashed with a wet noodle.


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Anonymous said...

OMFG, I am literally on the floor laughing. Not that I don't think you're frighteningly clever, but you can't be the only person who's noticed this. Holy Mackerel!


Rea said...

Not quite a "happy meal"!