Friday, August 9, 2013

stick with the delicious brekkie

My body is very good about letting me know what it needs.
If all I can think about is bananas I know I have to find some potassium. Gatorade is sugar, peanuts is salt, beef is iron, and so on.
I'm sure it would surprise you to learn that my body can be stubborn.
And insistent.
Sometimes I am in a situation that is less than optimal for complying with its cravings. Sometimes I am in completely the wrong place.
You know who doesn't care?
My body, that's who.
So when i am planning on treating myself to a nice working brunch with free internet and my body insists that we are gonna drop dead if we don't immediately consume red meat I might make questionable choices.

Today's Public Service Announcement:
There is a reason that you never hear anyone say, I could really go for a good steak; let's hit the Bob Evans.

Learn from my pain, people.


Douglas said...

I've never heard anyone say 'a good anything' and Bob Evans in the same sentence. At least not here.

Niki said...

Their breakfast is delicious.