Thursday, August 8, 2013

updates, comments and a WINNER!

I'm sure you have all been racked with despair over my daily planner woes so I want to soothe your souls with the news that I found a planner. It is the correct size, spiral bound, has large unlined boxes, is tabbed and even is pink. Yes, it only took 10 days, 6 stores and about $15 more than what I wanted to spend, but I now have a 18 month planner that will take me from this summer to the end of 2014.

The gash in my chin from the mysteriously open medicine chest is healing nicely; there might be a tiny scar that I can easily pass off as an old bullfighting injury.

My dear Anonymous - I can totally see your family serving Brie in that Waterford bowl; next time you are in New York feel free to pinch it from your mom for me. Or just ask for one for Christmas; we know how she loves to buy for Christmas.

Obviously blog posts got pushed back by my posting difficulty last Friday. The post about Lydia in the abandoned lot with 3-D glasses will be tomorrow. Me doing farm cooking will now be Sunday or Monday.

ETSY UPDATE will happen next week. Don't ask for a more specific time because we all know I will be 12 hours past my deadline.

Despite my BFF's belief that my new lovey is a representation of the thwart-hog, I have found a home and a name for him.
I really liked Percivil and appreciate that both Sheryl and Diane thought he could be a Percy; however, from the moment I read Lenny I knew that was his name.
He looks like a Lenny, he feels like a Lenny, he IS a Lenny.
Kaaren, email me about receiving your NikCo prize.
Thanks for all of the suggestions.


Kaaren said...


Douglas said...

Hope he gets along with Dorine.

Rea said...

So where is Squiggy??

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Kaaren!
(darn so close!) Lenny :-D and ooooooo Rea! "Schlemeel, Schlemazel, Hasenpfeffer incorporated. We're gonna do it!"