Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bubble Art!

This weekend was Bubble Days at my museum. I volunteered to work the Bubble Art station weeks ago, not really realizing that it would put me into a 7 day work week. Oh well; it was super-duper fun and sleep is for the weak! There were all sorts of events going on yesterday and today that were bubble themed : bubble blowing contests, bubble carts outside, make you own bubble wands and solution, shows by the Bubble Guy (who would also autograph his book for you - on sale in the museum store) and 2 stations of bubble art. At one you would use a straw to blow into a bowl of bubble paint, making a mass of bubbles that were then popped onto your paper: At the other you would put different colors of paint onto bubble wrap and roll it over your paper: Of course there was a gallery where people could leave their prints to dry and pick them up later. I did have a lot of fun, but think that it might be days before i can get all of this paint cleaned off of me!

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