Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Would you like a Sasparilla?

Being undestaffed means that sometimes members of the Education Department came with me so that i don't crash or blow myself up. Erin, being a former member of TSP, came along to tonite's show and was on stage with me. It was a hoot. We were in rare form, even for us; at several points during the show, the adults in the room were laughing much harder than the kids. This was the first time we were in the new library in Rockville. It is gorgeous. In the meeting room we were performing in, there was an antique soda fountain, apparently rescued from Vinson's Pharmacy complete with a marble counter, dark wood backdrop with mirror and old, old, old metal flavor pumps, including orange, raspberry, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, Coca-Cola, chocolate, ginger(?!) and sasparilla: Erin pretended to be a soda jerk (that's what they were called Erin; it isn't an insult - sheesh) and enthusiastically added flavoring to my soda. I think we all know that i would have ordered sasparilla!

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