Friday, July 27, 2007


If you recall, back in March i posted about submitting some cards to the Stampers' Sampler on the theme of using stencils. It was the first time i had ever tried to make something specifically for a submission. The new issue should have hit the stands sometime this week, so i kept waiting and waiting and waiting for a notice about my submissions. Nothing. Finally i gave up waiting and went to look at Borders for it. There, on page 59, is one of my cards! I am super excited because getting published in this magazine is the next step i had planned for myself in the journey toward my ultimate goal - getting published in Somerset Studios. Here is the picture from the original post They published the one i thought they would - the rust-colored gate-folded birthday card with the lady's face and the vintage button closure (lower left-hand corner). It was the last card i made in this batch and i specifically did it in a color palette i know the editors currently like. I was right. Personally, i would have gone with the blue Bon Voyage card (center on the right) cause it has real sand, shells and a shark's tooth on it, but i'm not the editor, huh? Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging me.


Mike said...

Excellent! Congratulations! Thise look great. Keep on keepin on, as they say.


Melanie said...

Way to go, Niki!!! That's fantastic! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Well I just decided to check out what was happening in Nikiverse and what do I find but that you are now a superstar! Girl, You have always been a superstar in my book. So glad that you were officially acknowledged for it. LOVE the cards! Way to go!!!!

Kaaren said...