Monday, July 9, 2007

Spending Time at Home : priceless

So what does the modern, young(ish) woman do with no entertainment budget? Well, you can always go with the "have a friend take you out cause they feel sorry for you" which works nicely for dinner, drinks and a lovely walk around Ellicott City on Friday night - thanks Ron. Then you should see if anything is being sponsored by your neighborhood, like the Catonsville fireworks rescheduled from the rainy Fourth : pretty, explodey fire on 7/7/7.
You can always go to the library - i read 4 Newberry Award books, 2 action/suspense novels (the slash really makes them sound more impressive, dontcha think?) and 1 classic (hmmmm... there really IS a lot of singing in Phantom of the Opera, but it looks like A.L.W. made a bunch of other stuff up) this weekend.
And, of course there are always publication submissions to be made. I finished off a set of cards for Stamper's Sample on the theme "A Change of Heart" - using hearts in your design, but they CAN'T be made out of paper.
I used jewels, cheesecloth, wire, mica, copper sheeting, ribbon, and paperclips. My favorite is one where i wove and then beaded a heart from grosgrain ribbons and seed beads.
What'd you do this weekend?

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Kaaren said...

Cool, money-free weekend. We stayed indoors because it is HOT AS HADES DOWN HERE, and cross-stitched; both David and I.

Speaking of Hot, did you get any mail?