Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun with light

I hope everybody had a great holiday weekend. I went to a cookout at Ron's house; man, i love cookouts. Food just tastes better straight off of the grill. We decided not to drive somewhere to see fireworks, but went outside after dark to play with crackers. Turns out that there were duelling fireworks going off right over the trees! We also had more fun with glow bracelets than should be allowable by law. Dontcha just love chemiluminescence? We started out just wearing them, but quickly people started connecting them and having fun with light, which translated to me having fun with camera settings: Ron and Justin built large interlocking rings and stared playing glowing ring fling across the road, trying to throw and catch at the same time with the rings crossing over top of the cars driving by. Mark my words, light ring fling could be the next Olympic sport! This was my favorite picture; it would be awesome if i could actually remember how i got it to come out like this: And this was hands-down the best light creation of the evening: Now THAT is a hat.

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