Thursday, July 3, 2008

Neato Burrito

My shows today were in a little town in Pennsylvania south of Harrisburg. You can always find the most interesting places to eat in tiny towns; places you would never expect like Recommended by our librarian this place made yummy kinda non-traditional burritos. I had the burrito of the day "Cowboy Crunch" which had BBQ chicken, BBQ rice, beans, lettuce, ranch sauce and crumbled tortillas. It was fabulous. Adult Safety Partner Jami had a buffalo burrito made with pulled bison roast. She loved it. The decor was mixed retro: wood paneling, string art, 50s counters, tattoo print tables, stuffed animal heads, fun mid-century album covers and lots of paint-by-number animal scenes. Of course, there was a picture of Elvis on the office door. Add to that the early-emo music of The Cure and The Smiths that was playing and it was truly a unique experience. Jami especially felt a strange vibe since she had a giant bison watching her eat bison. You can't help but wonder if her burrito was someone he had known. (this is how it looked to Jami) If you are ever in New Cumberland, PA i strongly recommend the Neato Burrito; it's across from the volunteer fire station. [apparently there are 3 other locations as well - i say try them too!]

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