Wednesday, July 2, 2008

small town aspirations

Sometimes it feels like i live in a tiny town in the Midwest instead of 10 miles from the heart of Baltimore. Driving home from work at dusk I turned onto my street to find it lined with tiny flags. As far as the eye could see it was bitty little flags every 15 feet. I realize that many would have some sort of knee-jerk political response one way or the other : rampant patriotism or outrage at the patriotic affrontery (yep, i made up that word). But not me. On my shady tree-lined street as the sun set it was really altogether quaint. It looked charming and peaceful and homey. It is like i live on the set of a movie taking place in Smalltown, USA in 1944. I wasn't even offended by the blatant capitalism i mean those Realtors deserve a little shout out for buying and planting all of those flags - can you even imagine punching all of those cards and threading them onto the flag poles? You can feel everybody gearing up for the celebrations. We are at T-40 hours from parade time; i hope you are all prepared: FYI Safety first, people.

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