Saturday, August 9, 2008

I've got that Tupper Feeling

We've discussed here before how i like the buffet picnic. It's not that i have anything against sandwiches - i love sandwiches - but when i pack a picnic myself i like to take a bunch of different things (mostly finger foods) knowing that i''m only going to eat a little of whatever i brought. So for my most recent picnic I took humus, broccoli, carrots, onions, cucumbers, snow peas, olives, tuna, crackers, blueberries, yogurt, and trail mix. As i was unpacking the yumminess it really struck me how much of it was in Tupperware In fact only the yogurt, crackers and trail mix were in their own packages : the yogurt was a single serving cup and the other 2 i actually bought on the way to the park or else they would have been in Tupperware. The truth is i love Tupperware. Sure, i own Rubbermaid, Sterilite and Gladware, but Tupperware is my favorite. When i started thinking about this at the table and taking pictures it struck me how the Tupperware tells the story of my life. Tupperware changes its line every few years; you can tell when a piece was bought simply by its color. In fact, the colors reflect the times : pastels in the 60s; orange, gold and brown in the 70s; my mom was a Tupperware lady in the mid 80s (yes, really) - the colors then were Paprika, Butterscotch, Cranberry and Maize; the late 80s brought cream, pink, tan and periwinkle; the 90s saw cobalt, hunter green, purple, and fuchsia; the 00s brought a return to translucent colors (like the original ones) in greens and purples. It seems they change the line more often now than they used to and i haven't bought any in a while (it is pretty pricey), but just the lids i had with me were like geologic strata There are some from before i was born, inherited when we cleaned out the house; some from when mom sold Tupperware (they used to sing songs about Tupperware at the meetings, really); pieces i bought in a burst of independence during college; some from Tupperware parties at Lynn's house; pieces that i bought from the crazy Mormon lady who wanted to adopt me when i worked at Servicemaster; and pieces that i joyfully bought the first time i saw a Tupperware kiosk in a mall (it was Arundel Mills). I don't know why all the tiny little containers make me so happy, but they do. They also make packing for a picnic much easier!

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Megan said...

I love the tupper feeling too! However most of mine is purchased at yard sales - and I like the little ones best.