Friday, August 8, 2008

World Hoop Day

Here on 8-8-8 it isn't just the start of the Olympics, it is World Hoop Day! As one of the over 80 event locations world-wide, we had some hoopers come to the museum to do demonstrations and teach people how to hula hoop. It was random and funny, but kinda cool cause they brought custom-made hoops of various sizes and weights and where else are you gonna see groups of adults standing around hula-hooping? Visitors were not just doing traditional hula hooping, they were trying all sorts of things, like double hoops chasing hoops and trying to just figure out what the heck the bright blue circle thingee IS [blurry, but too adorable not to post] Here's our promotions manager, Carly, getting into the action: Hula hoop master, Noelle Powers of Hooping Powers was in charge of this "joyful revolution" and showed off some fun skills: New team member Alex shows us regular hooping, neck hooping and shares his opinion on just how effortless this whole hooping thing is: Meanwhile team member Lindsey casts a cool hooping shadow ( i love how it looks like her shadow is holding its hula hoop) and team member Miriam twirls an arm hoop that matches her outfit: Since we try to capture every event as a teachable moment, Public Programs brought out an explainer about centrifugal force and had kids swing around a bucket full of water to see how the force keeps the water inside the bucket, even when it is upside-down. Where am I in all of this, you say? As the girl behind the camera i caught myself where i normally do, in shadow:

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