Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Day

Today was the last day of summer programming. It is really different to perform in libraries instead of schools. Some stuff is better, some is worse, but it is all different : the age and attention span of the audience is different, there are a lot more adults, children's librarians tend to be really cool, but kinda high-strung (i think of them as the poodles of people), they almost always know you are coming and are prepared, often there is chilled water and/or treats. One thing i really like is being around all the books. If we have a few minutes before a show, i'll grab random things from shelves. A few weeks ago i grabbed May Bird and the Ever After cause i liked the picture on the spine; the next day i had to go to my library and check out all three books in the series cause i was so intrigued by the little bit i read before our show. I also enjoy the various art, murals, collections and such that you find in public places, like this reading pit next to a children's room: It was the perfect place to sit on a tiny chair and read Chickerella aloud to my team members and any kids who might have wandered past: [ i highly recommend looking at this book cause you have never SEEN pictures like the pictures in this book - hilarious and horrifying at the same time] As i was taking pictures of the reading pit i enjoyed how the artist had realistically created so many storybook creatures: leprechauns, fairies, pixies, knights, sprites, unicorns, princesses, dragons, giraffes... Wait... aren't giraffes real? What is this guy doing in this mural??? Are they confused or am I?


Rea said...

Well, maybe it's a tiny giraffe...after all he IS looking at a book with a fairy...and aren't they MUCH smaller than giraffes?

Melanie said...

He's a dragon. It's just an exceptionally good disguise.