Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lab Cleaing Day

Once i get started with something I just kind of run with it. Cleaning my studio has launched a frenzy of tidying. Friday the mania came to work with me. My lab and storage area had to be cleaned top to bottom, which meant that some poor team member (in this case it was new team member AJ) had to climb to the ceiling to work on the third level of our deck. Don't worry, team member Alex was standing close by : it is safety first in our lab! I am also on hand, directing the cleaning and moving action. Where is he disappearing to? Things were cleaned, organized, inventoried, repurposed, throw away and pulled to give to other programs. It was very satisfying. In fact, if you look closely at this picture you will notice (despite the blurriness; sorry) that AJ is smiling even as he is scraping his back trying to get to the next task: Of course he might just be trying to decide if there is enough room for him to curl up and nap on top of those cases of straws!

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Rea said...

Hazard pay?!?!