Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Who doesn't love a good fire? The heat, the orange glow, the flickering shadows, the wonderful smell - man, i love a good fire. Believe it or not, i have never built a campfire by myself before. In fact, i haven't been camping since the days when i was in a 32 foot RV with air conditioning and my dad was in charge of building the fire. But i do set things on fire for a living so i had a pretty good idea of what to do. I took a log base and put starter and kindling on top - i went with a pile of leaves with a teepee of twigs on top, sprinkled with more dried leaves I touched the whole thing off with a standard TSP torch (precisely folded paper lit with an aim n flame) slowly fed it larger sticks and then put logs into the fire at an angle cold and dark BAD, fire GOOD I had packed skewers and hot dogs for dinner knowing that nothing tastes better than doe-dogs grilled over a campfire unless of course it is roasted marshmallows for desert! Being an occasional traditionalist, I would like to point out that i toasted and set those marshmallows aflame on a stick that i found in the woods and carved to a point (with a paring knife since i don't own a pocket knife). And i roasted peanuts as well to snack on while i read my book (with my new LED book light) next to the fire, under the stars, but of course that picture would just look like a wad of tinfoil in the fire. Remember that it is important to have a good fire-poking stick with which to poke the fire and always make sure your fire bucket is close and full before any combustion occurs. Safety first, people. Only you can prevent a forest fire.

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