Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gift Certificate-y Goodness

On Sunday I spent my gift certificate at work. It was so much fun to shop knowing that i didn't have to pay for anything! First i added up everything in my "holding them to be bought one at a time" pile, which was 2 pins, 2 pairs of clip earrings and a pair of blue crystal earrings that are going to be repurposed as window dressing: Look at how happy they are to finally come home with me! Then i added a loooong double strand of flat, round, faceted brown beads and an even longer golden chain with 2 sizes of gold dangling discs (i've already changed the clasp on it so that i can wear it as a single, double or triple strand and as a belt!) Finally, i grabbed a 4-strand choker of blue and purple beads, that was discounted because the second strand is broken. I think i am going to restring it into a double or triple strand. Thank you, thank you, thank you again to my anonymous benefactor.

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Rea said...

Pretty! Lucky Girl!