Monday, September 8, 2008


I went to work at the antique store on Sunday and there was a present waiting for me: someone had bought me a $25 gift certificate. Given my employee discount, that is a LOT of vintage jewelry! In fact, i might be able to get all of the things i have been holding aside - maybe even more! My boss Reggie and co-worker Tony were both very cagey about where it came from, refusing to tell me anything. It was signed from "an avid reader of your blog." WOW I mean, wow. I thought it might have been Megan because over on her blog This Chick is Fascinating she was giving away prizes to people who left comments in the month of August, but apparently not. Since s/he is an avid reader of my ridiculous little blog this is for her/him THANK YOU I'll post what i end up getting with my gift certificate. anyone wanna fess up?

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Megan said...

If I only I was that thoughtful!! Still no idea who it is from? I am planning to come up and see the store one Sunday!