Monday, September 15, 2008

Seneca Rocks

My cabin was only 20 minutes from Seneca Rocks, the imposing outcrop of quartzite that rises 900 feet in the air to the recognizable notched knife's edge peak. Though the Visitor Center was already closed by the time i arrived, there were many nice vantage points and informational signs in different parking lots. I've seen the rocks several times, but have never hiked them. I gave it some thought, but decided that this was again not the day for several reasons: Niki's Reason's for NOT Hiking Seneca Rocks 10. I was tired. 9. The top of that razors edge looks something like this and my balance can be sketchy. 8. I was hungry. 7. The bug spray was on the kitchen table in the cabin. 6. I took this sign seriously. 5. Though i have no problem hiking alone, treacherous rock climbing alone seems like a less-then-good idea, even to me. 4. It was 5:45pm so it would be dark by the time i reached the top. 3. I was wearing these shoes instead of these or better yet, one of these 2. My sunburn was really hurting. 1. I was out of water and hiking with out water is just plain dumb. Maybe next time i'll give the rocks a go. Maybe.

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