Saturday, September 20, 2008

That's Chiroptera to you, monkey-boy

Sometimes it is just a tiny, little thing that catches my attention. I was walking up the stairs to my front door when something seemed amiss. Do you see it? The tiny little pile of nuggets under the window? It looked kinda like mouse droppings, but there were no holes in the surrounding boards. In fact there was nothing on the outside of the house at all except the shutters. Hmmmmmm... shutters with just a little space between them and the wall. i wonder... Yep. It's a bat. A cute, little brown bat. I couldn't tell if it was actually a Little Brown Bat or an Evening Bat (wow; those are some scientific names, huh?) but it did seem to be unamused with being woken up when i moved the shutter to look for it. I am not opposed to a bat living at my house : they eat a ton of insects, including mosquitoes every night. But i don't really wanna sweep up bat poop. I wonder if we have any bat boxes at work...

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