Sunday, September 21, 2008

Unhealthy fascination with glass

You may not know this, but I love glass. I have collected unique pieces of colored glass and vintage barware for years. The reason many people don't know this is that at the old house you never saw my glass. I had the colored glass in a cabinet at the top of the steps and people rarely went upstairs. Plus there was a fully stocked bar already in the basement so i kept a lot of my stuff in boxes in the attic. Well, no more! I am resolved to get all of the glassware out on display by the end of the year; i am unclear on how to fit 5 boxes of glassware on the two shelves i have in the bar, but it is going to happen. As i have started unpacking pieces I've been struck by how many of them i have never even used. That is going to have to change. So i am also resolved to try to use as many pieces as possible, starting immediately. When my dad came over for dinner last week he asked for a bourbon & water and i had just unpacked and washed these: Though not as big as a pony glass they worked well. I am not normally attracted to brown or patterns from the 70s, but i do recall buying these because they seemed different. In fact, now that i am writing this, I think that i was specifically considering whiskeys (whiskey, bourbon, scotch, etc) when i bought them. I could just imagine that amber color behind the brown floral. Look at how well that worked out 10 years later. Also, at the same meal, i was able to use a martini glass to serve shrimp cocktail: Using a glass in this way isn't that unusual, but how about that cool color? These over-sized teal and clear beauties were too fun to pass up. Not to mention they can hold a lot of shrimp!


Megan said...

Great idea on the martini glass.

Saucy said...

Mmmmm shrimp in a glass. I love the blue coloured glass, I have some kickin' around here but not martini style. I might have to dig it out!