Wednesday, October 22, 2008

dressing rooms make me nauseous

I really don't like shopping for clothes and try to do it as little as possible (you might recall that i recently bought fun socks cause i was wearing ones that were 15 years old). So when i do shop, i like to get it all done at once: Thursday after work and before i left for the conference i stopped into Fashion Bug to get some pants, only to discover that they were having a "Buy One, Get One For 99 Cents" sale. Two and a half hours later i left with: -purple flats -brown shoes -blue work shoes -brown boots -black boots -a skirt -a sequin tank / sweater set -black dress pants -2 pairs of jeans (blue and brown) -3 sweaters (burgundy, blue, black with silver) -4 long sleeve shirts (white, burgundy, purple, navy) And best of all i shouldn't have to go shopping again for a while. Except that i need khakis for work... boohiss

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Kaaren said...

Holy tons of shoes, Batman!