Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A day for tricking and treating, costumes and candy - Halloween is neither my favorite or least favorite holiday. I wouldn't normally do it up big, but I happily attend other people's parties. I do, however, enjoy any excuse to give silly little presents. In college my roommate and I would make little baskets for various holidays and leave them in front of our friends' doors. I know they knew it was us, but everybody played along with the "anonymous" pres-nents. Every once in a while i like to do the same for my team members. Wednesday night i gathered up all of the Halloweeny things i'd been stockpiling all month: and then spent 10 minutes looking for the plastic insects and skeletons. I'm sure i bought them; in fact, i compared 3 different packages until i found exactly the ones i wanted. Where did they go? I looked and looked, but never found them. Oh well. This season's favorite find was: Mr. Yummy Mummy Gummies - just try to say it without smiling! First the glasses were beribboned with thick orange grosgrain ($1 for 4 yards - i love you, Dollar Tree) and thin black satin ; then I added a different painted Halloween sun catcher for each person: I'm a little alarmed by this fella. All of the loot was divided into 6 piles making sure that everyone got the same amount of stuff and that there was a variety of colors and flavors in each pile - pixie sticks, lollipops, crackle punkins, caramel eyes, sweet tarts, fizzy pops, jolly ranchers, sixlets, chocolate eyes, gummi mummies, pencils, rings, creepy hands and raisins (they're nature's candy, ya know). Then it all got layered into the glasses: It didn't take a lot of money or time, but i hope it is a nice surprise my overworked, underpaid staff! Trick or Treat!


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you where your "plastic" skeletons + bugs went.... they've come to life and are stalking victims even now!!! (*creepy violin music*)


Melanie said...

Those are awesome! You rock!

Jean said...

What a great idea! I bet your team loves them. More fun at work, I say.


Lovely Wife George said...

Caramel eyes AND chocolate eyes?! You deserve some kind of confectionary Nobel prize. Also, I need to come live with you. To control the candy eyeball population.

Niki said...

The different eyes were different sizes, hence the need for both.
(and George, you're welcome here anytime!)