Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Wagon

Thursday I was scheduled to go on the road by myself so Stacey sent a member of her staff to be my adult safety partner. Jami and I went to the lovely Pennsylvania town of Conestoga. As we were setting up, the PTO contact person enthusiastically told us that for lunch we should go to "The Wagon." After the first show was over the principal suggested that we have lunch at "The Wagon" while assuring us that we "could see it from the parking lot " and even walk to it if we wanted. Not knowing whether it was a really good restaurant or perhaps the only restaurant in town we did indeed venture forth to The Conestoga Wagon. This place is a little bit of everything to everyone - restaurant, bar, general store, meeting place and gas station. It was adorable, all decked out in frontier decor. All the sandwiches are names for friends and family - called The Legends. The food was excellent, plentiful and reasonably priced and the atmosphere was friendly and charming. I highly recommend that if you ever find yourself in Conestoga that you visit "The Wagon" - ask anyone in town, they'll point the way.

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